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Operation Areas

Termo’s principal oil and gas assets are its operated properties. The operated properties make up more than 60% of the proved developed reserve value and most of the proved undeveloped and probable reserve value. The non-operated properties’ largest value is in producing royalty packages that have continued to be attractive sources of cash flow over the years.



Los Angeles Basin, California

Termo operates in five fields in the Los Angeles Basin. The Company's interest involves more than 3,000 net acres and includes 38 producing wells with approximately 780 BOEPD. All the properties have upside and development drilling potential which Termo is currently exploiting as part of a targeted strategy of core property development.

Ventura Basin, California

Termo operates in two fields in the Ventura Basin with over 1,000 net acres and 24 wells producing approximately 385 BOEPD. The Sulphur Crest Field is a complex faulted anticline. Due to the complex faulting updating the geologic interpretation to incorporate new data has resulted in additional development opportunities.

San Joaquin Valley, California

Termo operates in two fields in Kern County producing approximately 165 BOEPD. In the Mountain View Field, the Company’s interest involves 230 net acres where the upside potential has begun to be realized from a water-flood program begun in 2009 that has resulted in a 15% increase in production.  

Sacramento Valley, California

Termo has operations in four gas fields in the Sacramento Basin. Operations involve 3,200 net acres. Operated wells produce approximately 1.1 million cubic feet of gas per day. 



Powder River Basin, Wyoming

The Company holds an interest in approximately 25,000 gross acres and operates producing wells in Wyoming's Powder River Basin making this an area of significant long-term development for the company.

Termo's South Joe Creek exploratory prospect resulted in the discovery of the Reservoir Creek (Muddy formation) and S A Creek (Minnelusa formation) Fields. In late 2000, the SA Creek Unit was formed to water flood the Minnelusa zone and currently is producing approximately 150 BOEPD from four wells. Ultimate recovery from the Unit is projected to be two million barrels of oil. This area of our operations contributes approximately 255 BOEPD.

The Termo Company recently acquired an approximately 70% working interest in 15,000 gross acres comprising the Lateral Pond project area adjacent to the Dillinger Ranch Field. This property currently produces 45 BOEPD. This project area has significant Mowry Shale horizontal development potential which Termo plans to exploit as the technology and learning curve begin to make it more economical.


Mid Continent & Gulf

South Louisiana

Termo operates two fields in Louisiana. The Section 28 Field contributes approximately 200 BOEPD from 13 producing wells on 2,300 net acres of fee and HBP leases of a total production of 290 BOEPD. During the first three quarters of 2011, we were able to increase production over 15% through optimization.  We are continuing to develop and exploit our holdings in this area and searching for new opportunities.